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We’ve been providing market-leading outplacement services for over 20 years. Our support covers all areas of outplacement, from the initial consultations all the way through to helping the employee secure their next job. We work with individuals, groups, HR teams, MD’s, CEO’s.

Our outplacement solutions are perfect for every level of employee whether they’re a director or a junior. We have a 4.8 out of 5 Trust Pilot Rating which we’re very proud of as it’s a testament to the hard work that we do.


What is Outplacement?

Firstly, we want to tackle the definition of Outplacement as it still isn’t a widely known term. Outplacement is a very well-established service in the UK where businesses who are making an employee redundant do what they can to smooth the transition to the next step in their career. Outplacement offers support and reassurance in a difficult time for the employee concerned and helps to give them direction and focus as they pursue the new opportunities that will open up for them.

Outplacement used to be reserved for the higher echelons of the corporate world, but it is now becoming more commonplace to offer this service to employees of all grades as its value has been recognised by many.

It is often now seen as an essential part of the employee-journey within the company and is often an incredibly helpful process to allow employees who have held a particular position for a sustained period to prepare to re-enter the jobs market. Assistance in defining their own personal brand can be particularly helpful for longer-term employees who haven’t had to engage on this level in a long time.


Outplacement Services

While many Human Resources departments attempt to handle outplacement themselves, it is often much easier to hand it off to an external company to do.

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Outplacement Case Studies

Type: Group and 1 on 1


Outplacement provided both group and 1:1 programmes to a major Financial Services organisation over a period of 2 years where over 2000 staff were supported. We delivered a range of outplacement support programmes at over 90 locations. This was a highly complex project which, operationally, was very challenging. However, both the sponsor organisation and the former employees were delighted with the support provided and successful outcomes were measured at 96%. Services delivered included Executive 1:1 Programmes for directors, Professional 1:1 programmes for managers and team leaders and Group Job Search Workshops which included Job Search, Self Employment and Pre-Retirement. Feedback from the HR team included “I am really pleased with the service and feel it has really helped us through a very difficult process.”

Type: Group and 1 on 1


A company came to us, almost apologetically explaining that they had a very limited budget and weren’t sure if we could be of assistance. For £250 per head we provided a one to one face to face consultation for each individual, plus telephone and online resources plus CV creation and LinkedIn review for everyone. Before the end of the project 100% of the individuals had achieved a successful outcome and the company recommended us to another part of the group who were facing similar challenges. The HR team said “The service was excellent, I can’t believe you could provide all that you did, thanks very much, I appreciate it”.


What People Say?

We use popular review site Trust Pilot for our customer testimonials. Below is a small selection from some of our wonderful clients, without whom we would not be here today.

From start to finish, I could not fault my experiences of using Outplacement First. Abigail was very prompt and understanding of my situation and Matthew was hugely supportive, with an immense amount of knowledge. Two weeks on the job market and through Matthews help I have landed a fantastic opportunity. I would highly recommend to anybody that finds themself looking for a role and in need of some help.


Outplacement First has provided a first-class service to me. Bill has been instrumental in the change of career I have taken. His non-judgemental help, advice, permission giving and encouragement throughout what was initially a daunting prospect have all been invaluable. Part schoolmaster, part therapist, part friend. Well done and thank you.

Marcus Rann

I recently found myself in need of outplacement after being with a company for over 15 years. As you can imagine I was in a scary place and a little lost, Matthew was amazing, he has supported me, and we moved at pace to get my CV reviewed and updated with applications being completed with confidence.

Kathryn Russell

I was not sure what to expect with an outplacement service, but Bill was welcoming, non-judgmental and a huge help in my job search. His advice and guidance was brilliant – professional yet friendly, and I felt very supported. Would highly recommend Outplacement First (Bill especially) to anyone who needs a hand getting back into the job market.


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Questions-answers about Outplacement

Frequently Asked Outplacement Questions

With Outplacement, we receive many varied questions from HR Teams, Individuals, and Business Owners. We’ve tried to answer some here but please feel free to chat to us or fill in the form for more information


    From the moment that you realise there are going to be job losses, you should begin planning to put outplacement support in place. Once the affected employees have been informed that they are being terminated or made redundant, they should be able to access the outplacement service immediately.

    It is important to impress upon them the usefulness of the service as they may not really be hearing too much of what is said through the fog of worry from their current predicament.


    Yes, outplacement is a perk that is supplied by the company as part of the overall employment package that the employee has with them. Most employees would feel that it was adding insult to injury if they were asked to pay for outplacement as well as losing their job. Allowing the employer to pay for the outplacement service means that the employee is getting one final thing of value before they leave the company.


    It used to be that outplacement was almost exclusively used at the executive level but in recent years the use has been broadened significantly as it is considered a tangible employee benefit in an ever-changing workplace and economy. Offering outplacement support has now become a sign that you are a responsible employer, and many thousands of employers are now using it. It is an integral part of the employee lifecycle now and this is a change for the better in terms of employee working conditions.