Outplacement for Individuals

Outplacement services for individuals as part of a Settlement Agreement

How does Outplacement
work for Individuals?

Outplacement is an excellent way to support individuals when they leave an employer. Outplacement provides comprehensive and unbiased support and facilitates parting on favourable and amicable terms.

Outplacement helps to find the next rung on the career ladder and explores other options like self-employment, starting a business or retirement.

Individuals can suggest outplacement support to their employer as part of their settlement package. An employer may propose an outplacement service provider, but you should be able to choose the programme that you feel best supports your needs

We create outplacement programmes to support groups of employees on the next step of their career journey. Our tailored packages assist everyone with impartiality, fairness and patience, guiding each individual as they move forward to a new role.

Outplacement can last for a few days, several weeks or months with different levels of support reflecting individual needs, specific circumstances and the allocated budget. Outplacement is a tool for your future success.

I Received Great Support That Got Me an Excellent Job

what do our clients say?

Highly Recommended

Outplacement First, particularly Matthew, provided a fantastic & personal service to support me in landing the perfect role.
Matthew was competent, knowledgeable and compassionate. He demonstrated great communication and always responded as a matter of urgency.
I highly recommend Outplacement First for anyone looking for a career change.

Laurence Martin at Outplacement Support

Laurence Martin at Outplacement Support gave me so much help with my CV, coaching, guidance and my job searching over 6 months and this meant that I was prepared and got myself a great job and now ready to start the next stage of my career. After 22 years are being in the same job and then being made redundant his help was invaluable and I am so grateful.

I Received Great Support That Got Me an Excellent Job

I received great support that got me back into employment quickly. The advice was very helpful and directed in exactly the right areas to ensure my job search was successful. I was able to communicate with Matthew on an ad hoc basis which meant that support and advice was immediate.

What Outplacement Options will I be Offered?

Outplacement packages tend to reflect the seniority of the staff member, with junior staff generally being offered a less comprehensive service than managers, executives and directors. However, key elements should be present in any outplacement service.

Career Assessment

Career assessment applies to everyone receiving outplacement services and is usually a 1:1 process where individuals can discuss where they are on their career journey with one of our experts. Career assessment sessions build perspective. The impartial guidance of a trained professional provides an overview informing the best options for the future.

Looking at your job path or career from a different perspective may bring to light choices you hadn’t previously considered. An outplacement adviser offers dimension and will have experience in various industries and sectors. They act as the catalyst for change and can suggest options you may not be aware of.

Part of the career assessment process is a comprehensive skills audit to identify your expertise and abilities. These may have been acquired outside your current role and could be relevant and transferable to different jobs. Our consultants are experts in the jobs market and will identify opportunities in your current industry, adjacent careers or related fields, skills gaps and retraining options.

Marketing Preparation

Essential to any outplacement service is CV preparation so that your career profile is presented with the most up-to-date formatting and is completely error-free. CV presentation is critical to ensuring that your name is added to the interview list. Your CV will be rebuilt from the ground upward, even if your current employment is relatively recent, presenting only the relevant information.

Our consultant will help you write application letters with tried and tested templates to cover most scenarios, which can be tailored to suit individual vacancies.

Another key element to successful marketing is creating or updating your LinkedIn profile. An excellent profile can reach out to a large number of employers in your chosen field. Companies and recruitment consultants regularly search LinkedIn for suitable candidates, and there is a job search facility on the site with many vacancies listed.

Interviews and Presentations

Interview advice covers every aspect of the selection process, including what to wear and mock interview sessions with role play where our consultant acts as the interviewer, following which feedback is offered to improve technique and performance. Question and answer preparation is tailored to the specific employer and role on offer. The idea is to boost candidate confidence so you are thoroughly prepared and can make an excellent impression.

Individuals are coached on different types of interview formats. Our consultants are experts in the job market and will be aware of the interview techniques different employers favour.

Psychological Support

Our expert consultants know that losing a job is difficult on an emotional level, and creates anxiety, often worry about the future, and low self-esteem, particularly for individuals who have been in their role for a long time.

Many people define themselves by their work, so feelings of confusion, rejection, and worthlessness are not unusual. Our outplacement team understands the psychological impact a forced employment change will have and can rebuild self-belief and confidence with targeted practical and emotional support.

Access to the Employment Document Library

As well as face-to-face support, you will have access to an extensive virtual document library, allowing you to undertake your own research to complement our consultants’ help.

Our library contains pro forma letters, CV templates, information about different industries and contacts for employers and recruiters across various sectors. There are company research databases and helpful webinars on handling employment applications and honing interview techniques. This service is available for six months when most people have found their next role.

Optional Extras for Senior Staff

Senior staff, heads of departments, executives and directors often receive enhanced outplacement packages to reflect their pay grade and rank. As part of this service, senior staff are allocated a dedicated outplacement consultant offering unlimited one-to-one support and comprehensive help across all aspects of job relocation, including evaluating potential job offers.

Individuals who receive higher tiers of outplacement support can also take advantage of assistance in negotiating and drafting a new employment contract. This valuable additional service helps secure the best possible outcomes.

Executive-level outplacement also provides company research, a proactive service where your outplacement professional will take a deep dive into your sector and specialism and seek out organisations and businesses that may be a suitable match. Compiling comprehensive profile information on a selection of companies in your field, your consultant can approach their recruiters with your details.

Case Studies and Projects

A major financial services organisation contacted us to provide outplacement support to over 2,000 staff across 90 locations. This complex and challenging project offered a mix of group and 1:1 sessions running over a two-year period and at all levels, ranging from executive support for directors to professional guidance for senior managers and team leaders. There were also group job search workshops and self-employment and pre-retirement sessions. Successful outcomes were measured at 96%, with praise from the in-house HR team tasked with leading the organisation through this challenging period.

A long-term involvement for Outplacement was the provision of support for all levels of staff in a large chemical company over four years, one of our most extensive projects. Services were offered on and off-site to production operators, supervisors, and line managers right through to senior staff and directors. Sessions included group job search, retirement preparation and self-employment workshops supported by a telephone help desk and online resources. 420 staff were involved, with around 65 individuals benefiting from a 1:1

Questions-answers about individuals Outplacement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my outplacement professional help me evaluate job offers?

    Evaluating job offers tends to be an extra service normally available to senior staff, executives and directors, who are in receipt of an enhanced outplacement package. This reflects the more complex nature of their employment situation. Support consists of evaluating an offer by looking at the remuneration and terms and conditions, plus the reputation and market placement of the employer. There is also broader consideration given to other options, such as leaving the world of employment and starting a business or becoming self-employed. Many senior executives have the knowledge, industry experience and contacts to make this a viable prospect.

  • The outplacement package offered by my employer doesn’t suit my specific needs, what should I do?

    Speak to your employer and see if you can negotiate a better or different service. All outplacement packages have value, so it could be as simple as opting out of some services and replacing them with more beneficial ones. Depending on your requirements, your outplacement consultant can signpost you towards other resources which are available from third-party providers and could be free, such as information on how to start your own business.

  • I am considering retirement and don’t want another job. Can outplacement help me?

    Retirement is the preferred option for many people within a certain age bracket. We can help with retirement planning, and our specialist consultants advise on managing money, practical issues like health and coping with the change from work to increased leisure time. Our service is geared toward the practicalities and the psychology of moving from full or part-time work to retirement.