Outplacement in Tech

Everyone knows that the tech industry is growing, you’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of that, but most people are not really aware of how rapidly this sector is changing unless they actually work in it. Think about how often your Smartphone is upgraded or the impact of tech on areas of your life like financial transactions, your car even healthcare, and the differences you have seen in the last five or ten years. This rapidly evolving sector just can’t stand still and whilst it’s a great area to work in, many staff find themselves needing to diversify or move on into new areas just in order to stay the pace.

Who works in Tech?

The technology workforce consists of professionals such as engineers, information specialists, programmers, mathematicians, and data scientists. As the industry develops, some roles such as data science specialists have grown in prominence, and this is because of the importance of data to businesses, governments, and consumers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the increasingly sizeable new kid on the block coupled with his pal, the Internet of Things (IoT) and this has driven the industry to look for talented individuals with analytical skills.

In America, the tech workforce has grown by more than 50% in the last twenty years with a large majority of that increase occurring in the last two years. Its share in total employment in the US economy has increased by more than a percentage point and other sectors are also growing their hire of tech workers as they increase digitalisation and technical development.

The tech workforce has been quietly growing at an average annual rate of 2.2% since 2001. This pace of growth is well above the average annual rise for total employment elsewhere in the economy during this period. What is also unique to the tech industry is the increasing pace of expansion as economies and societies drive an ever-greater demand for technology products and services.

How does Outplacement fit into the Tech Industry?

Outplacement has traditionally been associated with redundancy or redeployment of staff but its role in the tech industry is quite different and pretty unique.

Because tech is constantly changing, jobs and roles within the sector are also evolving, sometimes at breakneck speed. Outplacement can help spot trends and developments so that staff can be prepared for redeployment in new roles, it’s something no tech business should be without. Individuals can use 1:1 career analysis to take advantage of the global overview of a skilled outplacement consultant who can help manage their career trajectory – this is all about seizing the initiative and not looking at outplacement as something you only reach for when you’ve run out of road. The tech industry demonstrates as never before that outplacement and right placement services are essential career partners and not necessarily the portend of doom for a mass redundancy programme.

What about the Role of Tech in Outplacement Services?

Tech itself plays an increasingly important role in outplacement services. Here are just some ways that tech enhances outplacement provision.

  • Virtual coaching – 1:1 sessions online are becoming increasingly popular as a corollary to or instead of face-to-face meetings. Consultants may be more readily available via a screen
  • Mock interviews – because more and more interviews are being conducted online, having screen practice time is essential to prepare candidates properly. Online interviews have a different dynamic and pattern and an outplacement expert can prepare a job applicant with tips and tricks on good presentation and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls
  • E-learning platforms – most quality outplacement providers will offer a digital library or platform where there are resources like templates for CVs and application letters, helpful webinars on topics like interview preparation, how to ace your LinkedIn profile, and negotiating a new contract
  • Candidate profiling –  this is software that helps to draw together the skills and abilities of a particular individual and suggests adjacent or alternative careers. Software packages can also help optimise CVs and resumes for keyword searches, a tool that is increasingly being used by employers to sift through multiple job applications

Outplacement in the Tech Industry in the 21st Century

With such rapid changes in the tech sector and a momentum that seems to just be increasing rather than levelling out, outplacement services are something no tech employer or employee can afford to ignore. Experienced tech outplacement specialists can help spot industry trends and hone CVs and skills training, allowing individual careers to fly and tech businesses to keep their homegrown talent and futureproof their workforces.

We provide a comprehensive range of outplacement services with a specialism in the tech industry, helping employers make the most of their workforce and individuals to progress and develop a career in this sector. We offer all aspects of outplacement provision for large and small staff groups including redeployment, change, and resilience services, particularly appropriate for tech businesses and organisations.

Get in touch with one of our professional team today and see what we can do for your business.

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