Group Outplacement

Group support for employees effectively delivered and with a human touch


Group Outplacement -a Unique Resource

Group outplacement supports a cohort of individuals as they leave an organisation or business and take the next step on their career pathway. It equips employees with all the tools and resources they need to prepare for this, whether that is finding a new job, starting their own business or moving into retirement.

Group outplacement is relevant for employees facing redundancy or retirement, and programmes are tailored to suit exact organisational requirements. Group outplacement benefits the business as well as individuals, preserving brand integrity and a positive reputation.


what do our clients say about us?

Outstanding Five Star Service

Abigail, our consultant Dean and the rest of the team at Outplacement First provided an outstanding service for all of our colleagues.

Under what have been exceptionally difficult circumstances, they have been extremely accommodating and feedback from those who attended the CV writing and job search sessions has been excellent.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

A Professional and Tailored Service

I can highly recommend Outplacement First. We utilised their ‘job search workshops’ and were amazed at not only the quality of the content but the bespoke service, speed of communications and follow up. The attention to detail and advice given was excellent. Our participants found the workshops and follow up service to be meaningful and very beneficial.

Managing Colleagues through Complex Change

I have worked with Outplacement First through a complex change programme, feedback from colleagues following their workshops has been really positive and has helped support them through our selection process and next steps. Outplacement first have been prompt to answer any questions I may have and action any follow up support to staff in an efficient and timely manner.

Exceeded Expectations

Outplacement First have exceeded expectations! I personally have had brilliant service and support from the team, particularly Abigail. I am always kept in the loop and provided updates with the progress of our individuals. From start to finish the service has been incredibly efficient.

The feedback I have received from people following their coaching sessions has been extremely positive, our people feel supported and confident.


How does group

Start by talking to one of our professional team. We can help establish what type of outplacement programme best suits your business or organisation based on the operational circumstances and the cohort of employees. Our response is tailored exactly to your needs.

All our programmes begin with a workshop which acts as an introduction to the ongoing and individual support your employees will be offered. Personal mentoring after this initial step may be face-to-face or remote. Workshops can be repeated, or new sessions set up throughout the process to offer engagement and peer support and feedback.

Prior to the start of the programme, we work with your organisation to create branded documents which communicate the benefits and support that the group outplacement programme will offer to your employees.

A workshop acts as the introductory point and allows employees to engage directly with the service so they understand how group outplacement can help them on the next stage of their journey. This boosts employee engagement and morale.

Workshops can be all or part-day, virtual or in-person. Large organisations may structure several workshops to accommodate volume and offer flexibility for staff attendance. Workshops are interactive and designed to build confidence. They provide a range of practical skills and tools to equip employees on the next stage of their journey, whether that is another job, a transition to self-employment or retirement or starting their own business.

The service works with employees within the identified group who may have a range of requirements and over the timespan that your organisation feels will most benefit them. Whilst many people share common issues, support is always tailored to the individual and their specific needs. Each person has a dedicated career coach to support them until they take the next step, plus three months’ onboarding guidance and mentoring whilst they settle into their new role.

Feedback to your organisation throughout the process is consistent and detailed, allowing managers and business owners to track progress and good news stories. Employees feel reassured that change is being handled with their welfare at heart and your business benefits from a steady hand through what can be a turbulent period. Group outplacement supports valued employees as they exit the organisation and has a positive effect on brand and reputation.

Case Studies and Projects

Outplacement.co.uk ran a three-year project to provide 1:1 and group services for a diverse range of individuals leaving university employment, including academics, part-time lecturers and support staff. A blended programme of ‘change and resilience’ workshops alongside financial planning sessions was augmented with support for individual strategic pathways covering goals for work objectives, self-employment, career change and setting up a business.

A large group redundancy of 600 staff meant Outplacement were involved from the outset. We provided training in ‘breaking the news’, 1:1 pick-up counselling, personal planning and career decision-making programmes, plus self-employment, job search and pre-retirement seminars. We set up a careers advice centre with two full-time administrators and actively marketed this within the local job market to reach out to potential employers. Within the first month, more than 350 people participated in the whole outplacement programme, and all 600 individuals received printed information about the support services available. The entire process was accurately monitored from start to finish, with informative reporting to the HR team led by Outplacement’s dedicated project manager.

Questions-answers about Group Outplacement

Frequently Asked Questions

With Outplacement, we receive many varied questions from HR Teams, Individuals, and Business Owners. We’ve tried to answer some here but please feel free to chat to us or fill in the form for more information

  • When is the best time to start group outplacement?

    Planning for group outplacement should begin as soon as job changes are formalised. This may even be before employees have been informed. The process should be available when employees are told so that the support programme is already in place. Employees should be able to access the outplacement service immediately for any initial questions or concerns even before the first workshops are held. Make sure that group outplacement resources are handed to each employee and are available online.

  • Who are the best candidates for group outplacement?

    Outplacement used to be viewed as an executive service, but this overlooks people from a lower salary range who may have been with the company for a long time and are sometimes less able to adjust to the differences in the current job marketplace. This is often the case with a slightly older age demographic who have not needed the type of online networking which younger colleagues will be familiar with. Group outplacement is a tangible employee benefit applicable to all levels and ages of company workers regardless of their length of service with the organisation. It is a sign of a caring and responsible employer.

  • Should outplacement be free for employees?

    Employees should never be asked to contribute to or pay for the cost of a group outplacement programme. When an employer pays for the service, this is a gesture of good faith in the people who are leaving the company and a reflection of their value to the organisation. To do otherwise creates a very poor impression and will impact reputation.