Alternatives to Outplacement

Outplacement alternatives with tailormade programmes for individual employees

Alternatives to Outplacement

Outplacement supports employees moving on, usually due to redundancy, retirement or business restructuring. It’s a valued service to groups rather than individuals at the employer’s expense. However, there are alternatives to outplacement which can be more helpful and appropriate in certain situations.

Right placement is an umbrella term for services that can be offered to retained staff and targets top performers and employees who are underperforming or unhappy. These programmes can be provided at any level, such as Executive or Career Coaching, depending upon strata. It is a win-win solution, supporting valued employees and enabling them further whilst steering underperformers to roles which suit them better, deploying their skills and abilities in a different position.

Right placement keeps valuable employees that every organisation wants to retain and relocates others to a more suitable niche where they can thrive and make a meaningful contribution. Employees are coached in all aspects, including preparing for interviews and selection procedures for job vacancies and developing skills that will improve their CVs. Right placement avoids expensive severance packages, promotes staff morale, and enhances business reputation.


What do our clients say?

Targeted and effective support

Matthew from Outplacement First was very supportive. I found very useful Q/A practices for interviews.
Matthew was very helpful and was always there on the other end of the phone. He gave me confidence and the reassurance that everything is going in the right direction. Thank you, Matthew, for your kindness and constant support.

Amazing techniques

Bill was amazing, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I’ve learned some invaluable techniques to help me deal with interviews and anxiety going forwards, and they paid off immediately as they contributed to me landing a role that I was going for.

Excellent through and through

My counsellor, Bill was excellent and got to the nub of what I needed to do quickly and in a supportive, coaching manner. The resources available on Outplacement First’s website are excellent and even for a die-hard HR professional, I learnt a lot – both from Bill and the site.

I would highly recommend Outplacement First as a provider.

First class service

Outplacement First has provided a first-class service to me. Bill has been instrumental in the change of career I have taken. His non-judgemental help, advice, permission-giving and encouragement throughout what was initially a daunting prospect have all been invaluable. Part schoolmaster, part therapist, part friend. Well done and thank you.

How Does Right Placement Work

Start by discussing your requirements with our professional team, who can devise a right placement scheme to suit your organisation or business. Programmes are tailor-made to suit individual employees.

Right placement works as an alternative to outplacement, a bespoke service to suit the needs of the individual, turning a negative situation into a positive one, where employees can relocate and flourish in a different role. Employees stuck in a rut and negatively perceiving their position can be supported to find a constructive way forward, sometimes with just a few hours of individual help.

Right placement also offers 1:1 coaching for high achievers at all levels with a dedicated career coach who facilitates employees by further developing their skill set. This benefits your organisation and the individual, helping to retain valuable staff.

Right placement is tailored to the individual. 1:1 coaching and development sessions go straight to the heart of the matter, providing a cost-effective and time-efficient way to manage specific scenarios with an individual approach that employees value and appreciate.

We work with your organisation to write programmes to suit your employees’ specific needs so you are clear about what is involved from the outset. Follow-up can include remote mentoring and support or additional in-person sessions.

Feedback to managers is detailed without compromising employee confidentiality and at a level which that employee is comfortable with. The process is designed to be collaborative and benefit the business and its staff. Right placement creates a positive ethos in the workplace and enhances reputation and brand.

Case Studies and Projects

During a Council redeployment project, we provided free flyers explaining the services from the employees’ perspective for the council to give out during the consultation period. We also provided information for them to circulate on the employee intranet. 262 individuals attended half-day group redeployment workshops on-site and were then supported by the Careerline telephone helpdesk and online resources. The onsite workshops included:

  • Accepting the need for change within the organisation.
  • Understanding the organisation’s redeployment and application process.
  • What the organisation is looking for from successful candidates.
  • Understanding the job advert and deciding whether to apply.
  • Completing the application form (using the council’s own form).
  • Writing a supporting statement in line with the council’s application process.
  • Interview preparation (tailored to the values the council were looking for and the job descriptions provided).
  • How to answer competency questions using the STAR technique.

The Careerline telephone helpdesk and online resources supported employees through the internal application process and questions that arose as they went through it, in addition to helping those who decided to look for external roles. The employees provided positive feedback on the evaluation forms completed by 100% of attendees and copied to the organisation.

Questions-answers about Alternatives Outplacement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to timetable alternatives to outplacement?

    HR leaders should have regular reviews scheduled throughout the year, but a common trigger point is following the outcome of annual appraisals. Letting staff know that this service is available is one way, but senior managers can also highlight employees who they feel may benefit from some individual and tailored support after the annual appraisal process.

  • Who are the best candidates for outplacement alternatives like right placement?

    Right placement can be used at any level within your organisation and benefits achievers and under performers regardless of salary or grade. It makes the best of your top-tier talent and brings up the bottom line, so those staff members who are unhappy or stuck in a rut are given a new lease of life in a different role. Candidates can be drawn from any area of the business; that’s the beauty of this type of support.

  • Should alternatives to outplacement be free for employees?

    Employees shouldn’t be asked to contribute to this service, although they can make use of it later on in a private capacity if they want to reach beyond the programme. Investment in your staff will pay back dividends and provide an incalculable benefit to your organisation with just a modest outlay.