Outplacement for Business Owners

Outplacement services for Business Owners as part of a Settlement

How does Outplacement work for Companies and Organisations?

Outplacement services can be offered to all levels of staff. It provides impartial support to employees so that they leave the business in a positive and amicable way.

Outplacement helps employees to find the next step on their career path. It also covers options like retirement, starting a business, and self-employment. Outplacement services cater to a wide variety of staff needs.

An employer can offer outplacement as part of their settlement package and there are different levels of programme to reflect the needs and seniority of a wide range of employees.

Tailored packages support groups of individuals to move towards their next role with impartial advice, practical skills, and group and sole sessions, offering the impartiality and fairness of a third-party organisation.

Outplacement can be delivered as a workshop lasting just a few days or a continuous service for several weeks, or months. Support is tailored to reflect individual needs, specific circumstances, seniority within the company, and a defined budget.

Outplacement for business owners takes away the difficulties of letting staff go and manages the situation in a way that makes staff feel valued and supported. It can also limit any reputational damage.

What do employees say ?

Outplacement for Business Owners

After Nearly 25 Years With The Same…

After nearly 25 years with the same employer, I was approaching the open job market with a sense of trepidation! I needn’t have worried, as Matthew at Outplacement First was there to support and advise. Our meetings were practical and insightful – as well as friendly and humerous. All round, a very enjoyable experience – and I now have a new job!!

Highly Recommended

Outplacement First, particularly Matthew, provided a fantastic & personal service to support me in landing the perfect role. Matthew was competent, knowledgeable and compassionate. He demonstrated great communication and always responded as a matter of urgency. I highly recommend Outplacement First for anyone looking for a career change.

Laurence Martin at Outplacement Support

Laurence Martin at Outplacement Support gave me so much help with my CV, coaching, guidance and my job searching over 6 months and this meant that I was prepared and got myself a great job and now ready to start the next stage of my career. After 22 years are being in the same job and then being made redundant his help was invaluable and I am so grateful.

What Outplacement Options can Business Owners Offer to their Staff?

Outplacement packages come in a range of formats with senior staff, managers and executives generally offered more comprehensive and long-lasting services compared with junior employees. However, the key elements of good outplacement service should be present for all staff levels.

Career Assessment

Career assessment is usually offered as a 1:1 service where one of our experts will discuss their career journey with each individual. The impartiality of this process coupled with a different perspective and guidance from a trained professional is always positive and helpful.

A session considers predictable options for the future plus other choices which the employee may not have thought of. Our advisers are skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of industries and sectors. Their experience can help to identify different job roles, career paths, or a change of direction which is not always apparent to the individual.

Our expert consultants audit and identify each employee’s abilities and skill set, this includes experience and skills acquired outside their current role. These may be transferable, and our advisers can identify opportunities in the same industry or adjacent careers, skills gaps, and retraining options. Employees feel valued by the provision of this service.

Marketing Preparation

CV preparation is a big part of outplacement services. Our experts help employees update their employment resume with the most up-to-date formatting and presentation. We rebuild from the ground upward creating a document that ensures each individual will be on the interview list when it comes to the selection process for a new job.

Our consultants also assist with drafting application letters, and we have a range of templates to cover almost every scenario which can be tailored to suit the specific circumstances by your employees.

We assist individuals who want to create or update a LinkedIn profile which can be a crucial element in developing new opportunities and competing successfully for the best jobs. It allows employees to maximise their opportunities on this site which has its own jobs board and is regularly used by recruiters looking for new staff.

Interview Advice and Presentations

Our expert consultants cover every element of the interview process from what to wear to which questions to ask. Workshops include mock interviews with feedback and constructive advice to improve performance. We help with question-and-answer preparation for a specific employer and role so that a candidate makes the best possible impression.

Our consultants work with employers in a variety of sectors and industries and are fully versed in all the different interview techniques and assessment processes.

Psychological Support

Psychological support is offered to all employees regardless of the length of employment or seniority. Losing a job is a difficult and anxious time and your employees will be appreciative of the support that outplacement services can offer on an emotional and psychological level.

Feelings of confusion and rejection are not uncommon. Our consultants reassure, advise and guide, rebuilding confidence and replacing any negative feelings of rejection and worthlessness with a positive mindset. This is achieved with a mix of practical and emotional support.

The Employment Document Library

Employees will have access to an extensive virtual document library so they can undertake their own research in addition to the support they receive from our consultants.

The library contains CV templates, pro forma application letters, and a wealth of information about employers, recruiters, and different industries. There are useful webinars on how to handle job applications and hone the best interview techniques. This remote tool can be offered for a six-month period by which time most employees will have moved onto a new role.

Extras for Senior Staff and Executives

Your business can choose enhanced outplacement services for senior staff, managers, heads of departments, and executives. This includes a dedicated outplacement consultant with unlimited 1:1 support and extensive help and advice on all aspects of job relocation including evaluating new job offers.

Higher level outplacement support also offers help with negotiating and drafting new employment contracts plus proactive company research. This is where the outplacement consultant will search for organisations and businesses which may offer an employment match and approach their recruitment services with individual employee resumes.

Case Studies and Projects

We provided outplacement support to 1,500 staff across nearly 100 different locations, a service that was aimed at all levels within the business. We set up a mix of 1:1 sessions and group workshops which ran in total for just over two years. Because of the span of employees in terms of seniority and age, we also ran some specific pre-retirement and self-employment sessions. We measured success at 96% and received a lot of positive feedback from the in-house HR team who we were partnering throughout this process.

We were invited to support all levels of staff in a large manufacturing company over an extended period of just under four years. We provided on and off-site services to everyone ranging from senior directors down to production operatives in the factory. We offered a diverse selection of support including workshops, telephone help, executive coaching, online resources, and 1:1 sessions covering everything from alternative employment to self-employment, retraining, and retirement. In total, we help over 400 staff and this project hit target with a 100% settlement rate.

Questions-answers about individuals Outplacement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best type of outplacement package for my business?

    The answer to this depends on which employees you are trying to support. Remember, outplacement services are tailored to specific businesses so we will work with you to create the perfect bespoke package for your organisation and individual staff members. Key elements like psychological support and marketing preparation are in all our outplacement services.

  • A lot of my staff are in the pre-retirement age bracket, can outplacement services help with retirement preparation and planning?

    Outplacement services don’t just cover new employment, they can also provide support, advice, and guidance for those who are considering retirement or for those staff members who want to re-train for a new industry or start their own business.

  • Are outplacement services for business owners expensive?

    We can work within your budget and tailor programmes to fit flexibly within your proposed spending. Some of the best elements like group workshops offer very good value because they have the biggest impact on the largest number of staff. Don’t forget the burden outplacement services will remove from your HR department and the incalculable impact that it can have on preserving business reputation; these are both hidden benefits.