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Pre-Retirement Group and 1:1 Programmes

Outplacement is traditionally associated with finding new employed roles for redundant staff. However, Outplacement is also becoming more commonly used for individuals transitioning from work to retirement. Retirement can mean a chance to pursue hobbies and interests, but there are also options for self-employment, further education and entrepreneurial opportunities. Help your staff explore their personal situation with our Pre-Retirement Outplacement Programme, including all aspects of finance, lifestyle considerations and psychological and mental well-being.

What Type of Outplacement Services Do Pre-Retirement Programmes Offer?

Pre-Retirement Outplacement services focus on the employee’s needs towards the end of their working life. Features are tailored to user groups and individuals. Explore common themes in group workshops like lifestyle, pensions and financial issues. 1:1 sessions allow confidential discussion of personal itineraries, whether that’s rediscovering education, starting a new business, becoming self-employed or travelling the world.

Many staff in the twilight of their careers can struggle with the implications of not working again, whether that is for financial, psychological or lifestyle reasons. Our Pre-Retirement outplacement service works in two ways. First, it targets areas of interest and concern common to everyone in this position, such as transitioning from full-time employment work to part-time work, retirement, pensions and financial planning. Second, in our 1:1 private sessions, we explore their unique challenges and horizons with each individual, including options like education, self-employment or starting a business. Our support is empathetic, positive and informative.

What do our clients say ?

Pre-Retirement Group and 1:1 Programme Reviews

Such Valuable Supportv

I had no idea that Outplacement could offer help to someone in my position; I just thought it was for senior executives looking for a new role. The holistic approach impressed me the most; it was all about exploring new opportunities rather than feeling washed up and finished. The 1:1 sessions opened my eyes to things I had never considered.

I Nearly Didn't Go!

I thought the Pre-Retirement Outplacement Workshops were going to be all about how to make your pension stretch and things to do to keep you occupied in retirement. How wrong I was! The comprehensive sessions covered everything from going back to school, travelling, starting your own business and voluntary work. I was amazed at the depth of what was covered and also the level of detail and signposting. I’m so glad I signed up for this scheme.

Thank you, Lawrence!

I was entirely psychologically unprepared for retirement and really needed someone to help me navigate what I perceived to be choppy waters. In fact, our sessions made me see that this was a time of golden opportunity, and even my new shortlist of options is too long. There’s so much out there for me, and I would never have perceived this without Lawrence’s impartiality and empathetic and professional help.

What do Pre-Retirement Outplacement Services Offer?

The starting point in any Pre-Retirement outplacement service is to develop a forward-thinking programme which embraces change and offers the possibility of new and exciting horizons. Our tailored programme targets several key areas and can be delivered onsite or online to a group or via 1:1 sessions.

Understanding and Embracing Change

Facing change without fear is challenging, particularly for older people who may have been in the same role or company for a long time. However, retirement can be a time of golden opportunities.

Whatever route an individual chooses, the work-life balance alters, and life after work will look and feel very different. Sessions examine how to manage this change in a positive way.

Exploration of Opportunities

Some people are not ready to retire and use their exit from employment as a springboard for other things. The focus is on new horizons and the different options available.

Group and 1:1 sessions explore alternatives to employment and retirement like higher education, becoming self-employed, volunteering, starting a business or retraining for a new career.

Personal Identity

Most people derive a lot, if not all, of their identity from their work. We explore emotional health and well-being during this significant life transition. Sessions also focus on family matters, including changing relationships, the home situation and relocation options.

Financial Planning

Retirement can be a daunting time financially without the security of regular income. Our group sessions take a deep dive into pensions and financial planning, including making a will and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Individual meetings offer a more in-depth look at personal finances with the option to speak to an approved financial adviser.

Creating an Action Plan

Planning is all about taking control, and we advise people on crafting an action plan to suit their circumstances and requirements.

Case Studies and Projects

We supported a large manufacturing company which was relocating to a different part of the country and offering early retirement to a range of staff at different levels within a certain age bracket. Programmes were tailored to match existing job roles and future aspirations so that support was appropriate and relevant. Staff were offered a mix of group and 1:1 sessions with financial planning advisers on site occasionally to discuss money management and pensions. All participants were given access to comprehensive online resources for six months following the initial project. Staff particularly valued our resource hub and signposting service in their feedback. Also regularly commended were the empathy and professionalism of our consultants.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to use the financial planners offered by the outplacement service provider?

    Everyone can use any financial adviser they want, so you can use your own or source someone without connection to the outplacement service. Always ensure your financial planner is appropriately qualified to give retirement planning advice and registered with the relevant governing bodies.

  • I want to find another job. Are Pre-Retirement outplacement services relevant to me?

    Many people change tack and work in a new environment, maybe part-time or even on a voluntary basis. Pre-Retirement Outplacement can help with all this, including moving to another full-time job for staff who want to do this.

  • I am dreading retirement and worried about the impact on my psychological well-being and mental health. Is this something Pre-Retirement Outplacement services can help with?

    A significant element of our Pre-Retirement outplacement provision is focused on the challenging transition from a lifetime of work to something completely different. However welcome this may be, it is daunting and can impact the mental health of the individual and those around them. Our consultants are trained to provide empathetic and professional advice which focuses very much on the individual in front of them. All our programmes contain sessions which deal with the psychological and emotional impact of moving away from full-time work towards retirement.